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L4-5, L5-6, L6-S1 Spinal Stenosis with Lumbar Fusion Procedure
L4-5, L5-6, L6-S1 Spinal Stenosis with Lumbar Fusion Procedure
This stock medical exhibit depicts an L4-5, L5-6, and L6-S1 spinal stenosis with lumbar fusion procedure. The first illustration shows a lateral view of the skull and a sagittal view of the spine and spinal cord. The second illustration depicts an enlarged sagittal view of the lumbar spine, showing the pre-operative condition. It portrays a previous discectomy site as well as spinal stenosis and instability at the L4-5, L5-L6 and L6-S1 levels. The third illustration begins the lumbar fusion procedure. In it, an incision is made into the lower back of a caucasian figure to expose the vertebrae from L4-S1. The fourth illustration portrays decompression laminectomies from L4-5 down to the L5-S1 level. The fifth illustration shows the decorticating of the lateral gutters at L5, L6 and S1. Bone graft is then placed over the decorticated areas. The sixth illustration shows the insertion of pedicle screws and the placement of fusion plates from L5-S1.
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